Pathways to Graduation for Indigenous Students

see University of Saskatchewan Jim Greer, Graeme Joseph, Candace Wasacase-Lafferty, Stephanie Frost, Ryan Banow, Craig Thompson

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Purpose Success for Aboriginal students has become a priority at the University of Saskatchewan. As an under-represented minority facing systemic financial and social challenges, more accurately tracking the flows of these students through various programs, providing adequate instructional and social supports, and improving retention and time to completion are important goals.

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Figure 1. Six year graduation and attrition for Aboriginal students.

Tool: Ribbon Efforts to bring student data at the University of Saskatchewan into a University Data Warehouse have been successful and it is now relatively easy to build up a specific dataset for visualization in the ribbon tool. Aboriginal student enrollment data for in various disciplines have been collected since 2008. Retention initiatives put into place in recent years can be quickly analyzed using the Ribbon Tool to determine if success rates and dropout rates are affected for Aboriginal students in various demographic categories.

Evidence-based Action For more details about what evidence was collected, and actions taken, join the Tools for Evidence-based Action group on Trellis.

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